The European Union ( Eu )

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The European Union (EU) is a political and economic partnership that represents a unique form of cooperation among 28 member states. Formed through a series of binding treaties, the Union is latest in a process of integration begun after World War II in Europe to promote peace and economic prosperity. Its founders hoped that by creating specified areas in which member states agreed to share sovereignty firstly in coal and steel production, economics and trade, and nuclear energy, it can promote interdependence and make another war in Europe. Since the 1950s, this European integration project has expanded to encompass other economic sectors; a customs union; a single market in which goods, people, and capital move freely; a common trade policy; a common agricultural policy; many aspects of social and environmental policy; and a common currency (the euro €) that is used by 19 member states. Since the mid-1990s, EU member states have also taken significant steps toward political integration, with decisions to develop a Common Foreign and Security Policy (CFSP) and efforts to enhance cooperation in the area of Justice and Home Affairs (JHA), which is aimed at forging common internal security measures.
European Union (EU) member states work together through common institutions to set policy and promote their interests. Over the past several years, EU members have progressively committed to balancing laws and adopting joint policies on an extensive and increasing
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