The European Union Law School Essay

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Discussion: “Would it be correct to say that the Court of Justice has dealt with any obstacles to the establishment of the doctrines of supremacy and direct effect and that these doctrines are now firmly entrenched?”

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LD3005 European Union Law
City Law School
City, University of London
7 November, 2016

The European Union (“EU”) is an economic and political vehicle between 28 European countries, including the United Kingdom, that allows national governments to pursue shared and national interests. The United Kingdom became a Member State in 1973. The EU was born out of a quest for peace following the devastating effects of World War II. To that end, six nations signed the European Coal and Steel Community Treaty, in 1951, to share their coal and steel resources. This agreement was subsequently replaced by the European Economic Community (“EEC”), which was eventually renamed the “European Community” (“EC”). The EU, which was created by the Maastricht Treaty, replaced the EC when it formally came into being in 1993 following ratification of the Treaty of the European Union (“TEU”) by Member States.
Article 13 of the TEU calls for the creation of EU institutions whose goals and objectives, amongst other things, are to promote and serve the interests and values of Member States and their citizens. One such institution is the Court of Justice of

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