The Events Of World War 2

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World War 2 was undoubtedly one of the most important events in history not only for what happened throughout the six years of war but also the aftermath of the war. Beyond the casualties and deaths this devastating war would open new doors for technology advancement, medicine innovations and creations also changes in music ,art ,sports and culture. Furthermore back home in the United States the role of women was beginning to shape up during the conflict at the other side of the world . Previous verbal arguments between countries escalated and led to previous physical encounters.Such as that of the first world war which took place from July 28, 1919 until November 11,1918 with an estimated 16.5 million deaths in both military and civilian deaths combined . Germany 's strong desire for revenge after their defeat in the first world war was inevitable Many different political views such as Democracy, Dictatorship,and Theocracy are also factors that may have influenced and led to this altercation. This new war meant that many nations from all around the world join either one side of the conflict to physically fight and destroy the other countries (Allies against the axis) due to their political beliefs such as freedom for the people or communism in which one person has full saying in what you can and can 't do. The second World War which happened to be the most widespread and deadliest war in history mankind has ever witnessed resulted with some estimates as high as 85…

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