The Ever Increasing Urgancy for World Peace

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The 20th century can be credited as being one of the most violent times in recorded history. There were over 98 million war related deaths, which is about six times the combined deaths of both the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. Orwell conveys each of these killings as “one mind less, one world less.” World peace would be an important goal to work towards. Many wanted to achieve world peace, however, there were many different visions for how this could be accomplished. Despite the many anti-war actions that occurred during the previous centuries, the twentieth century marks the conception of an organized approach to global peace. Advocates of world peace believed that with an ever increasing connected world, military advances, and…show more content…
The first conference, for which the United States took an active role enacted three treaties. The first, establishing the Permanent Court of Arbitration. The second treaty outlined the treatment of prisoners and the citizens where the war was present. The third treaty focuses on the protection of marked medical units and requires them to treat the wounded of the both sides of the conflict. Focusing on the first treaty, arbitration was a natural for U.S. advocates of peace, dating back to the Jay Treaty (1794). The process of arbitration allowed the U.S. to extend legal concepts to foreign relations, without compromising U.S. freedom of action. One of the earliest arms control conferences was the Washington Disarmament Conference, organized by Charles Evans Hughs who sought the promotion of peace via disarmament and outlawry of war. With the U.S. being a world power, though arbitration, the U.S. could levy this power with conflicting parties in hope of peace. During this time, reduction of armament was an integral part of the Republicans’ diplomatic strategy.5 During the Washington Conference, Hughes pulled off a diplomatic tour de force, one of the first major international agreement on arms reduction that has yet to be negotiated.6 After months of negotiations, five countries agree to limit their number of battleships, establishing a 5:3:3 ratio in battleship tonnage to the United States and a reduction in

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