The Expansion Of The World Wide Web

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The expansion of the World Wide Web and increased access to devices which allows internet access has resulted in the creation in a new form of retail transactions; Online shopping. (Shim, Quereshi and Siegel 2000) define Web Shopping as the process consumers go through to purchase products over the internet. (Alba et al 1997) defines it from a consumer view point as, web shopping allows web shoppers to search and compare various products or services over the internet that are located in different parts of the world. Online shopping can be accessed from a variety of different devices now not only via computers which are stood in one place but consumers can access online shopping now from smart phone devices. Due to the advance in new technologies web shopping is still growing not only with the UK, also in other developed European countries; “Sales in the UK, Germany, France, Sweden, The Netherlands, Italy, Poland and Spain are expected to grow from £132.05 bn [€156.28 bn] in 2014 to £156.67 bn [(€185.39 bn] in 2015 (+18.4%), reaching £185.44 bn (€219.44 bn) in 2016.” ( The rapid growth in the online retail has created a vibrant market space which holds strong competition with all other shopping habits. It is obvious that online shopping is growing as more and more consumers are turning to the internet to purchase products and services, the question is what drives consumers to turn to the internet over the

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