The Expansion Of Your Business Oversea

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Good day Directors of Konciusko Merino. Today I would like to discuss with you all regarding to the expansion of your business oversea, specifically Thailand. I have analysed various aspects of Thailand in relations to your proposal of manufacturing the boots offshore as well as entering into the country’s market. To determine the most optimal strategy to achieve your proposal, we must first have a bit of an overview of the country. Various aspect such as: Thailand’s demographics, culture, economic potential, technological advancements and its trade restriction will be analysed here to allow us to better understand and determine the most optimal strategy to improve your business’ growth and profitability.
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Firstly let’s look at Thailand’s demographic. Thailand has a population of approximately 67.5 million people, with an annual growth rate of 0.3 percent. According to statistic from CIA World Factbook, 75% of Thailand’s population are ethnic Thai, 14% are Chinese Thai and 3% are ethnically Malay from Malaysia. The remainder of 8% are a mixture the Khmers tribe and Mons tribe. The country is located in the tropical region of Asia and consist of only two seasons which are summer and rainy. The country has an average temperature of 34 degrees Celsius and it is said to often scorch well above 40 degrees Celsius. Also the humidity level remain constant at above 70% which will therefore impact the level of interest towards fashion. More information of how this

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