The Fate Of My Future

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The fate of my future had become a waiting game. Checking the mailbox for letters from universities that I had applied to had become a daily routine. The real waiting began after my automatic admission schools were confirmed; they simply were not enough for me. The schools I was really waiting for were the ones that, unfortunately, were not waiting for my application. The schools that looked at me against thousands of others. My waiting was over one afternoon after my daily mail check. I opened the envelope from Washington State University carefully, finishing a few final prayers to get the odds in my favor. The feeling was everything I had hoped for. An acceptance to a university that actually wanted me. The next few months of my life had become a time for planning. Planning to visit, planning to enroll, and, of course, planning on how to pay. When I was given the opportunity to visit the campus, I worked to convince my parents that we should at least go to see if we liked it. We immediately fell in love. Soon, I would be a Washington State “Cougar”, studying Speech Pathology. It was almost a done deal… until we received our financial aid letter. Not one cent. All the waiting and planning seemed to go to waste. Years of my life were now thrown away by one letter telling me that my family made too much. Too much? I quivered at the word. My parents worked themselves up from the complete bottom of the work force to give their family the best that they possibly could, and

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