The Field Of Education : A Catalyst For Rethinking Teaching Practices Essay

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Information Technology has been praised in certain areas and deemed as a catalyst for rethinking teaching practices in the education sector (Flecknoe, 2002; Mcormick & Scrimshaw, 2001), developing favored graduates and citizens required in today’s information society (Department of education, 2001).
The field of education globally has been affected by ICT in one way or another which has affected teaching, learning, and research (Yusuf, 2005). ICT has the potential to accelerate and deepen the skills to motivate and engage students to work practices and create economic viability for tomorrow 's workers (Davis and Tearle, 1999; Lemke and Coughlin, 1998; cited by Yusuf, 2005). e-learning can be branched out into different areas such as:
• The use of different elements such as words, spoken text, illustrations and pictures to deliver content
• May be instructor led learning also known as synchronous learning where a digital device can be mobilized and introduced to the classroom
• Self-paced learning also known as synchronous learning which uses devices and enables learners to learn at their own pace
• Virtual classrooms where learners can attend a classroom session based in a different location from the facilitator
Based on the rapid change of technology, much of what we are seeing today as a form of e-learning is not fairly new. Computer training known as computer based training has been around for more than 40 years however this was not mobile (Clark; Mayer, 2008)
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