The First Board Game Was Patented By Elizabeth Magie

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The first board game was patented by Elizabeth Magie. Today it is known as Monopoly, but did you know that it dates back to the early days of the 1900s and was actually known as "The Land Lords Game"? With all of the board games out there it is hard to know which one are going to be able to challenge a child 's mind but yet be able to give them hours of enjoyment. Some have been around so long that not only did I play them as a child but now my children are playing them just as well. Many of the games that I played as a child are now classics. Bambino Dino! Every child needs to learn at an early age how to be cooperative. This game will teach them just that, players have to work as a team…show more content…
Children can also learn by matching up the numbers that are called.
Alfred Mosher Butts was the first person to invent Scrabble during the great depression of the 1930 's. It was initially named Lexico, and also called Criss Cross. It was not made with a board incorporated to start off with, but played without any type of board. He studied the use of words, and discovered how certain letters were used more often than other letters. He then proceeded to put scores on each letter, and the first board was made of paper. At first the game didn 't sell very well, but James Brunot popularized the game when he took an interest, in 1947. Burnot took over the making of the game, and managed to sell about 2000 sets in his first year of production. The board was originally made from paper, and written on with pen. Eventually, the tiles were made from wood with the letters engraved on them. However, people began to cheat as they were able to feel the letters they were picking out, so the letters were changed to plastic material instead. The game didn 't really have much sales until 1952 when the owner of Macy 's decided to invest in the sales of the game. He had played Scrabble while on vacation, and thought it would be good for his business to sell the game in his stores. Shortly after, other toy stores began stocking the game, and did very well with the sales. The game cost $3 to buy during the 50 's, and a deluxe version was on sale for $10. Richard Nixon and the Queen
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