The Five Approaches to Psychology Essay examples

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1 Name five approaches to psychology

There are five approaches to psychology,

Cognitive Psychology
Cognition is the term used to describe a range of mental activities associated with thinking. Cognitive processes include reasoning, problem solving, paying attention and remembering.

Social Psychology
Social Psychology studies the way we interpret events that are going on around us and how we interact with one another.

Physiological Psychology
Physiological Psychology is the study of how the functions of the brain, in particular how the functions of the nervous and endocrine systems are related to the influence of behaviour and mental processes. Other aspects of physiology such as stress, looking at the way we respond to …show more content…

This is the primary concern of social psychologists, to understand our behaviour in a social context and the ways in which social context can influence behaviour.
People interact with one another by using gestures, facial expressions and uniforms as well as speech.
Social psychology also studies the way people behave in large crowds. Individuals often adjust and alter their actions so that they can fit into the group. This is known as conformity-yielding to group pressure. How you dress or the music you listen to are probably influenced by your peer group though it isn’t always obvious. Authority figures request or demand that you act in certain ways but your peers expect certain behaviour of you. Cultural beliefs also show a difference in conformity.
A large part of social psychology is concerned with social behaviour studying how people conform to the social norms, obedience to authority and how people behave in large groups.
Social psychology is also concerned with social cognition. Looking at how we interpret what is going on around us.
Social psychologists look at the processes which people use to make social judgements studying attitudes and personal values such as prejudice.
Social psychology also looks at how we are attracted to other people, interpersonal relationships, whether we actually

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