The Fixed Mindset: Appropriate And A Learning Experience

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When confronted with a tough situation that seems to have no solution, a person may easily give up and justify the act with: “That is it! I did my best! This is who and what I am.” On the other hand, another person may respond to the same tough situation in a different way by viewing the situation as a challenge, do analysis, search for factors that led to the problematic situation, come up with alternative solutions, and select the best option. The situation becomes a challenge and a learning experience. This illustrates two different responses from different persons for the same situation: one response is productive and proactive while the other response is defensive and defeatist. The difference in responses is attributable to the mindset held by people. Mindset is a set of beliefs that dictates a person to act in a …show more content…

This exemplifies the type who says: “I am what I am.” This is also referred to as the Fixed Mindset. The fixed mindset limits a person to grow to the fullest potential. In the face of challenge, the tendency of a fixed mindset is avoidance rather than risk failure; when meeting an obstacle the response is to give up; effort is seen as useless as this does not change anything. Advocates of the fixed mindset believes that intelligence is measurable as shown in standardized tests given for students and employment applicants. The text fixes abilities and potential at a certain percentage score. Recent studies, however, show that personal qualities can change through learning, development and cultivation. Belief that personality is dynamic is referred to as the Growth Mindset. A person with a growth mindset is not intimidated with challenges; views obstacles and failures as opportunities for learning; effort is a means to mastery of a skill or knowledge; does not envy successful people but tries to learn from their

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