The Flaws Within The Education System And Ways We Can Improve The System Essay

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Sirfraz Khan
Professor J. Artesi
English 1A
November 13, 2016
Audience: To people who are concerned with the public education system
Purpose: To inform them of the flaws within the education system and ways we can improve the system
Research Paper: Public Education
Education in the United States seems to be decreasing every day. There are many aspects that contribute to this change. Today’s education has changed drastically over the years, and these changes are negatively affecting the United States and its people. The education system has been failing and will continue to fail if the problems are not “fixed” and dealt with by our leaders. The system has come across problems which is dragging not only itself but as well as the community with it. With the current education system, education and school have become more of a “playground” rather than a learning environment. Schools are not teaching its students to an adequate level, but rather letting students pass without the proper tools. The current reforms aren’t helping, the adequate level of education (depending on the grade level) aren’t being met, and emphasize on work skills are not being enforced. As stated by Tom DeWeese in “Public Education Is Failing", this, is ultimately “dumbing- down the children” (DeWeese 1) and creating a potential danger for future generations of students. Without a doubt, the education system is in great need of improvement. With the increase of these problematic circumstances, students

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