The Food And Beverage Management

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INTRODUCTION Food and beverage management is very significant function for each and every hospitality organization. The current research report focuses on the food and beverage operation management (Heizer and et al, 2009). The whole research report is based on case study of Queens Head restaurant and its food and beverage management. The current study includes the assessment of the operation system and its effectiveness for organization. Further, it focuses on the critical appraisal of the operation planning and implementation within the hospitality units. In addition, analysis of the financial and non-financial performance and recommendations for improving food and beverage management are also describing in the following paragraphs of…show more content…
Careful selection of popular and well known food items and beverage such as standard pizzas, corn-on-the-cob, and banana splits and 10 sweet course items. It differentiates food and beverage products and services to its competitors by offering the facility of “create your own pizza”. Operations of the restaurant focus on the quality and freshness. It introduces an excellent salad bar and a reasonable selection of wine and mineral water. Restaurant has right balance for both quick business lunch and pleasant evening meal. It provides special offers at the time of special events such as Christmas and New Year, etc. Effective training and development program for staff members which helps in managing the changes in menu, level of services. It focuses on cost reduction and sustainable development of the organization and regarding this, it reduces the cost of three-decker pizza for reducing the wastage of the electricity wastage. Appropriate organizational chart and menu list (Blanch, 2003). Weaknesses: Inappropriate uses of available resources such as two gas fired barbeques which are purchased at cost of £7000 but have been used infrequently. Head chef and restaurant manager do not favour new ideas and any changes in operation. Restaurant of which is operated at Stirrups Brasserie has got only start up success but declined
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