Essay about The Forces That Lead to the Social Exclusion of the Poor

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When discussing the issue of poverty and ‘the poor’, it is crucial to identify and explore the forces that lead to the social exclusion of the poor rather than focusing on the characteristics of these individuals. By focusing on these forces, it becomes easier to identify and explore possible ways to lessen poverty, empower the poor and alleviate social exclusion whereas focusing on the individual will not create a solution. No one person is born poor, although they may be born into a poor family or community, and therefore the focus should be on the society and the forces which created poverty that affect the lives of these people and cause them to be socially excluded. There are many forces which contribute to the exclusion of poor …show more content…

In His finding, Marx soon realized the predicament of the lower class which made him feel that it was imperative to strive for changes in the class structure of society. In his earlier work, Marx argue that there were two social classes – the owners of the means of production (capitalists) and the workers and added that the ability to work, was the only thing the workers owned, Marx called this “labor power.” Furthermore, Marx also shared his views on social relations between these classes which he says depend on who controls the primary mode of economic production, such as land or factories. Marxist approach to the study of class is helpful in highlighting the importance of class is a factor that contributes to the social behavior and the major separation of these two classes; the poor and the rich. Max Weber: 1864 – 1920 Unlike Marx, Weber’s views on class are very different. He argues that each person has a combination of three ranks within a social society; class status and power and that these ranking often intertwine. For example, David Cameron, came from a rich upper class family, received private and high standard education, graduated from Brasenose College, Oxford, and went on to become the prime minister of the United Kingdom. Like Cameron, several people from wealthy backgrounds have grown to achieve remarkable status and power. On one hand, this essay agrees with Weber on his theory because as mentioned earlier in the essay, the forces of

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