The Forgetting Book Analysis

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The novel The Forgetting, is a heart-warming novel that reveals significant things about life that everyone should know. This novel shares a wonderful life lesson that one negative event in someone’s life could lead to brighter, eye-opening outcomes. Throughout the story the main character Georgie Kendrick goes through a series of spontaneous, adventurous, and life-changing events that increasingly foreshadow the truth of her heart donor, Anna Isabel Leeland. As these events occur, Georgie also begins to discover more about herself and the importance of life.
How does the main character change from the beginning of the story to the end? Does the main character come to some realization that leads to this change, and if so, what is that
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Georgie had lost her memory of how to play the oboe in exchange to find out what happened to Anna. The beginning of the novel showed how much the oboe was Georgie’s only focus. Moreover, losing this memory has made Georgie learn the greater meaning to life, and that there are endless possibilities of the ways she can impact others without being the perfect student and going to Juilliard.
Find two passages that you find beautifully written, and explain why you find those passages beautiful. Not only does The Forgetting carry an impactful message about sex trafficking awareness lead by the story of a teenage girl that goes through an important life lesson, but it also sends a heartwarming message about love. One quote I found beautifully written was, “He was another gift, just like the life she’d given me” (269). With the negative atmosphere laid out by the mystery, a quote like this gave a pleasant feature of Anna’s true character. Before this, Georgie felt as though Anna was someone she had to always go against in her life. Soon she discovered the true intentions of why Anna left so many memories in her heart. I thought it was so beautifully written because a light was finally brought to all of these events that happened that made Georgie realize how much Anna actually gave her, instead of taken away. Another passage that I found uplifting was at the very end of the novel. It said:
My eyes moved
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