My General Psychology Instructor : Lois Lowry Essay

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Professor Reed, my general psychology instructor, assigned a list of novels for the class to choose from to write a book report. The author of the book I choose is Lois Lowry. This is a very short, but interesting book, in my opinion. This book has 256 pages, 10 million copies, and was published by Mr. Houghton Mifflin, in 1993. Mr. Mifflin also encouraged Ms. Lowry to write approximately 30 other children 's books. Her reasoning and inspiration for writing such a questioning of authority novel such as “The Giver”, came from the controversial issues she encountered with her aging father, who long term memory was quickly fading. Without his long-term memory, he could no longer recall the things that caused him pain. She realized, if you 're unable to remember the physical and emotional pain, it is impossible to understand what it feels like; so in reality, you haven’t experienced it. How can you be plagued by regret or grief if the things that caused it no longer exist? This novel was awarded the prestigious Newberry Medal in 1993, along with one other novel she wrote. The name of the novel is what caught my interest and what intrigued me the most. Just from something as simple as a name I knew I would be able to relate to this novel, in some kind of way. I was right! Equally important, the main character is an eleven-year-old by the name of Jonas. He is like no other child in this monotonous world. The protagonist of this book, has the ability of perception that is

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