The Forgotten Group Member :

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The Forgotten Group Member In the case study, The Forgotten Group Member, we are introduced to Christine, who is a student that comes forth as an overachiever. She believes her education is very important and is a stepping stone to her career. Thus, she maintains an A grade point average. Christine’s dilemma comes in the form of a group assignment for her Organizational Behavior course. As an individual, she performs with excellency, but to her misfortune the assignment was a group project. Christine exercises control in all aspects of her education, but this project was out of her control therefore she felt uneasy about the situation. This project was a major component of the classes’ final grade: which is thirty percent. At the beginning of the course the professor, Sandra, divided the class into groups of five. Christine’s group members were Diane, the quiet one who never gave input, but when asked directly had great ideas; Janet, the person who everyone could rely on and always went above and beyond what was required; Steve, had a business like attitude and was basically the one who kept the assignments on track; lastly, Mike, was seen as the class clown, unorganized, and the one that never managed to be on time. Christine was extremely organized and thorough and was given the title of team coordinator (Schermerhorn, Osborn, Uhl-Bien & Hunt, 2012). Furthermore, one can see the Big Five Personality within the individuals in the team. Clearly, Mike is outgoing, sociable,
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