The Four Personality Types I Am

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Sun Tzu once said “If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles.”(p. 51). Even though one may not be in battle this statement still holds true when dealing within organizations and how people work together. The purpose of this paper is to identify which of the Sixteen Personality Types I am. After completing the Jung Typology Test I was scored as being EFSP; throughout this paper I will discuss each individual letter and the theory behind it, and then elaborate how it applies to my own personal life. Using the knowledge that I have gained from first part of this paper and using Type Talk at Work I will then further dive into how my personality affects my decision making. Once I have reached a better understanding of myself I will then apply it to my current career and how I can make myself a better officer, and therefore a better leader. Very good

Step 1Good use of headings;

Extroverted The first letter of the Jung Personality Test represents whether or not a person is an introvert or extrovert, after taking the test I was rated as being 72% more of an extrovert over introverted. Being identified as an extrovert did not surprise me in the least because for as long as I can remember I always needed to surround myself by people. Being an extrovert has helped me in my overall job of being an officer in the United States Air Force because feel at ease talking in or to large groups of people. A specific example…
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