Estj Leadership Style Analysis

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Introduction Knowing your Myers Briggs type indicators can be very beneficial as a leader in an organization. This will mark the third time in my career I have done this test, the first two were in Navy leadership schools. I have always found these tests beneficial in helping me deal with subordinates and peers alike. According to (Jung, N.D.) I am an ESTJ, this is not a surprise as I have been that before twice. What did surprise me is that I am now older and with a 6 year gap since my last test I am less of an ESTJ now. So in the next few pages I will discuss each portion, extravert, sensing, thinking, and judging and then apply that to my Overall type. Let’s begin with an overview of the ESTJ. ESTJ According to (Kroeger, Rutledge, Thuesen, 2002) the acronym ESTJ stands for extraversion, sensing, thinking, and judging. This type indicator is generally known to be a natural administrator who is good in leadership positions. It is generally thought according to Kroeger et al. (2002) that this type is organized, and takes a no-nonsense style into most situations. These attributes can lead to a leader who is quick to analyze problems and deal with them efficiently. A down side to this style is that this type does not always understand when others are unable to leave emotion out of decisions and handle situations with objective decision making. I must say in my younger years managing Sailors I did tend to be a harsher ESTJ and I really thought people were strange if they did

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