The French Paradox Of Cholesterol And Saturated Fat Diet

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The French paradox is a slogan which was first used in the 1980’s to summarize the observation of low Coronary Heart Disease (CHD) rates, as shown in figure 1, of the French despite their dangerously high intake of dietary cholesterol and saturated fat (Ferrières, 2004). The French acquire approximately 38% of their energy from fat with 16% of that being saturated fat. This is in contradiction to the widely known and proved hypothesis that a high consumption of fat is a major factor in CHD. This paradox implies a significant possibility: There is an additional factor in the French diet that alleviates the risks associated with a high fat diet. Ryan Fujiu believes that it is the regular consumption of red wine that diminishes the dangers of a high fat diet. He states that: “The health benefits of red wine have come to light in recent years. Hope is on the horizon, and it may be in your glass” ref. This topic is highly controversial as there are also detriments to the consumption of alcohol. There has been much debate about this issue for the last two decades. In order to make a plausible decision on Ryan’s statement, this report will look at the advantages and disadvantages of red wine by analysing chemicals present in wine and their effects on the human body. During the wine making process various chemicals are added, so it is necessary to look at the wine making process first to come up with a plausible decision for Ryan’s statement.
Wine making is an 8 step process as
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