Essay about High-Fat and Low-Fat Diets

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High-fat and Low-fat Diets Today, more people suffer from weight and health problems than people from twenty years ago. You may ask why is that, and what is the difference between us today and the people of the last generation? Well, one main difference is the high-fat and low fat foods that we eat. High-fat and low-fat diets can be the cause of half our problems. People today; choose some sort of diet to help their weight problems. But many people do not know what the bad intake of some foods can do to you. The first thing that most people are drawn to is the high-fat diet, because of the foods that seem so delicious. When people eat according to the high-fat diet, they might not realize the danger they are putting their bodies…show more content…
A person that is on a low-fat diet: eats less food; satisfies hunger; fills the stomach; and diminishes the desire to eat. In a low-fat diet, there is also less risk of a heart attack and/or stroke. The low-fat diet can also prevent and/or reduce the risk of high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and cancer. In other words, prevents many illnesses. Some of the low-fat diet foods include vegetables and fruits that are very important to the human body. The low-fat diet helps a person maintain a healthy weight and reduce the risk of illnesses. So, to compare and contrast the two diets, we realize that high-fat diet puts the body at risk by serious illnesses and diseases. For example, high-fat diet can result in a heart attack because of the fat that gets deposit in the blood vessels and disrupts the flow of the blood; in contrast, low-fat diet prevents the serious illnesses and diseases like heart attack. Low-fat diet also helps reduce weight, and obtain a normal lifestyle by keeping the body balanced, whereas the high-fat diet can cause obesity and unbalanced weight. By comparing and contrasting the two diets, it becomes obvious that low-fat diet is much better than the high-fat diet. In conclusion, I believe people should choose a low-fat diet to obtain a normal healthy lifestyle. I believe that the low-fat diet can also stimulate us to do better. So, instead of being on the high-fat diet that causes many problems and illnesses, its better
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