The French Revolution Was An Era Where There Was A Dramatic

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The French Revolution was an era where there was a dramatic political and social change. The supporters of the French Revolution came across problems such as women 's lack of a right to citizenship, Absolute Monarchy of the Feudal System, and the lack of rights of the clergy and nobility. The supporters of the French Revolution attempted to solve these problems by abolishing the Feudal system, and the establishment of a republic. They also created steps towards resolving the lack of women’s rights, and forming an assembly.

The first problem was whether or not women should have the right to become citizens. During the French Revolution women were held to a lower standard, so therefore a woman would not have the same rights as a man. When …show more content…

A women job of nurturing and raising children is as equivalent to men working for hours. In many eyes, it is wrong to deny citizenship based on how men deemed to shaped and have women perceived in society. There is no difference between men and women, which leads to the solution to the problem of whether or not women should have citizenship. That that women should be given their rights accordingly, just as it was giving to men; ” to all women who own property or who are heads of households”. It is fairly reasonable because women work as equally hard as men do, and these steps will slowly proposed a change to how women will live and how they will be perceived as.

another problem in the French Revolution would be the lack of respect given to the Third Estate. The Third Estate was the majority of France, or some could say that it is France. The Third Estate was basically every in France that didn 't have a noble title, which included peasants, and peasant that owned land and used it to farm. Also, peasants, that worked for noblemen and free peasants that owned shops and business who were highly taxed by the upper class. Being in the Third Estates came with plenty of problems that presented inequality. These complications of The Third Estate were basically all the burdens that everyone from the upper classes did not want to endure passed on. Also, the Third Estates is the working class, and it is not likely for someone who is in the working class to

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