The Fuel Of The Future

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As we all know gasoline is the fuel of the past, and were all looking towards the fuel of the future.
While auto manufacturers race to bring low pollution emitting vehicles, ZPM(Zero Pollution Motors) are the beginning of this transition. Zevolution, a combination of revolution, and evolution, is revolutionizing car manufacturing, and the evolution of engine technology, and the solution to pollution released by gas powered vehicles. Zero pollution motors, the fuel of the future is the first compressed air powered vehicle, with this new cleaner modification of power. Thisprocess less pollution, in which reducing greenhouse gasses.("Zero Pollution Motors”).
The founder of ZPM is a CEO named, Shiva Vencat. Vencat has been an entrepreneur for over 15 years, meaning he organizes and operates businesses. Since the early stages of this project, he has been the U.S. representative for the Motor Development International. Other than this business, he was also in hospitality business, commodities trading, and innovation management ("Zero Pollution Motors,
Compressed air for engines dates back to the nineteenth century, when the first compressed air locomotive was built. The AIRPod vehicle is an improvised and improved version of this invention. The
ZPM was created to find an eco-friendly vehicle fuel that is safe for the environment. The fossil fuels used in modern time are not only costly, but emit dangerous gasses, which pollute the atmosphere, causes the ozone layer,
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