Biodiesel Vs. Diesel Fuel

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Scotlyn Eavenson
Mrs. Blanchard
English 12
March 31, 2015 Biodiesel vs. Diesel
The world has seen fuel prices spiral up or down to meet supply and demand. Because of this, people need to choose a cost effective fuel to meet their needs. Vehicles in the world today run off of many different types of fuel. Biodiesel is a modern fuel compared to the commonly known diesel. Biodiesel has several advantages over diesel. Biodiesel fuel comes from a renewable resource, it is better on the environment, and it meets the Environmental Protection Agency’s definition for fuel standards. In addition, Biodiesel is the most promising alternative fuel source, backed by both federal approval and incentives. Finally, consumer attitudes are changing for the positive when it comes to biodiesel. For these reasons, biodiesel should be used more often by people in the world today.
Biodiesel and diesel are made of up many different things. The most commonly known way biodiesel is formed is from fryer grease. Vegetable oil, or other types of oils can also be used to make biodiesel. Alcohol that comes from burning grains is called ethyl alcohol (Roos). This is also a source of biodiesel. “The production of biodiesel starts with any of the above items and then these are mixed with alcohol and a catalyst. This mixture is then heated which changes the fat into biodiesel. Sometimes this is purified even more before it is sold” (“Benefits and Concerns”). This all means that biodiesel fuel comes

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