The Generation Of The Boomer Generation

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Today, three generations work side by side in American businesses, each with their own differing values. Managers need to recognize their unique characteristics and plan accordingly.

The term "Generation Gap" entered our daily lexicon in the 1960s when members of the Boomer generation were teenagers. It recognized the chasm that existed between the Boomers and their parents in regard to their divergent political views, taste in music, the clothes they wore, and professional goals:

Baby Boomers hoping for early retirement received a loud wake-up call when the economy receded around them. It looks like many will be on the job for years to come in order to pay off their mortgaged lifestyles.

That doesn 't bode well for Generation Xers, who have been positioning themselves for further advancement in hopes of an exodus by those Boomers, who might seem "old and in the way" rather than mentors of knowledge.

And young Generation Yers are left scrambling for whatever entry-level jobs remain in an ever-shrinking and increasingly competitive American workplace.

The entire work environment has been sent spinning as three generations of workers compete for fewer positions, all complicated by rapid advances in office and communications technologies that are eagerly embraced by younger workers while seemingly threatening to older ones. What 's a manager to do? Yesterday 's and Today 's Gap
The term "Generation Gap" entered our daily lexicon in the 1960s when members of the Boomer…
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