The Genetic Modification Of Today 's Plants

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The genetic modification of today’s plants. Good or Bad? In today’s society more and more commercial farms and food manufacturers are starting to grow and use genetically modified their crops in their products, is this a good idea or is it a bad idea? Many Commercial farms are starting to transfer over to growing genetically Modified crops, because GM crops have a reduced susceptibility to disease, they also have improved drought resistance, and the overall cost of growing them is reduced. I think that “the manipulation of living organisms to help benefit the human race” (Naidoo, Pavarni."Genetically Modified Crops." Agriprobe Vol. 6.2 (2009): 12.) is a good thing because it is what has allowed the agricultural world to keep up with the…show more content…
University of Prince Edward Island. Web. 31 Dec. 2014.) and the united states don’t even require them to be labeled as genetically modified. The United States “feel that there are advantages to these types of crops when the technology is appropriately applied because they can get more output from the same amount of plants” (Naidoo, Pavarni. "Genetically Modified Crops." Agriprobe Vol. 6.2 (2009): 12.). They also feel that the planting genetically modified crops are better for the environment, because by putting a small amount of chemical into the seed they will then not have to be putting chemical pesticides to treat for bugs and other things and that they can put these plants into the many processed foods. There are many direct and indirect environmental benefits and environmental problems related to genetically modified crops. Many are much clearer than others like the reduction of chemical pesticides being applied to fields of crops and in turn being washed into the local water system by surface water runoff. They also help in soil conservation because farmers with the GM crops have to till their land less because the crops are genetically engineered to be weed resistant. Also the GM crops help nourish the ground. This also indirectly affects the chemical manufactures because there are less commercial farms buying large quantities of their product to put on their crops which means less income for those companies, and this causes a whole string of
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