The Global Obesity Epidemic Of Michael Moss 's The Extraordinary Science Of Addictive Junk Food

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Corporations Manipulating Consumers
As the emerging obesity epidemic grows and becomes a norm in everyday society, the dispute goes on whether corporations or consumers are responsible for unhealthy body conditions. Michael Moss’s The Extraordinary Science of Addictive Junk Food depicts his beliefs on how the food industry holds the blame for the downfall of people’s overall health. Readers are introduced to the corporation minds behind the food industry and the marketing strategies behind their “addictive” snacks. Moss’s writing makes it harder for corporations of food industries to hide secrets among some of the top selling products that may not be healthy for the average consumer. Corporations have the upper hand and ability
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For instance, mothers who work strive to “provide healthful food, … but spoke with real passion and at length about the morning crush, that nightmarish dash to get breakfast on the table and lunch packed and kids out the door”
(Moss 266). These hectic moments that mothers go through are made simpler with food products such as Lunchables, a convenient lunch tray that includes an array of cold cuts, crackers, juice, and a sweet dessert. While the food items provided are not the healthiest choices, the trays popularity grew as mothers finally found their answer to packing a quick and inexpensive lunch that their children enjoy. Lunchables popularity did not grow for the right reason or for the greater good, but instead for the addictive taste that the company used to manipulate their customers. Moss continued his observations within the food corporation, speaking to Geoffrey
Bible who stated “… ‘If you take Lunchables apart, the most healthy item in it is the napkin’”
(267). The community is well aware of the health issues among the nutritional value of
Lunchables, but as mothers and children crave for this fast snack, the corporation feeds into the popularity by making even more products with new varieties and eye catching designs. Buyers tend to care more about price and taste rather than the nutritional value they consume in their foods, which is why they should
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