The Glorious Revolution

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The Glorious Revolution was primarily completed when King James II of England was overthrown due to the mutiny of selected English Parliamentarians. The revolution was completed under the leadership of William III of Orange-Nassau from Denmark. The primary reason for the need of this revolution was King James' religious policies in the mid-1680s. His approach was receiving severe opposition from the leaders involved in his government as well as neighbouring governments. The main concern for most political leaders was King James' strong Catholic roots and his close-knit relations with France. This crisis further escalated with the birth of King James' son (James Francis Edward Stuart) which led to the probability of the Roman Catholic Empire even stronger. Also, the birth of his son set array the present line of succession which was for his daughter Mary who was married to William III of Orange. Many of the opposition parties joined hands including the leaders of Tories and invited William III to the region to initiate a military intervention (Pincus, 2009). Needless to say, King James's Catholicism was the primary reason for the need of the Glorious Revolution. He was part of the many Protestant-Catholic political clashes that took place at the time. He was also directly involved in many of the political clashes that took place between the Parliament of England and the Divine Right of Kings. His Catholicism was perhaps why King James was secluded from both parties. The Low
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