The Goal Of A Goal

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For a goal to be successful it has to have several characteristics, a goal has to be specific, employees at JBO need to know what exactly is required of them; they cannot be given vague goals such as; work harder or get more clients.The goal has be measurable; increase your clientele by 5%, the goal has to be attainable; that is it cannot be to hard to reach it has to be within the employee 's abilities (Locke & Latham, 2006) and their past performance. If they do not have the skill, ability and past experience to complete the goal, they should not be assigned that goal. The goal has to be realistic and time bound, that is you have 3 months to increase your clientele by 5%. It has to possess all these characteristics in order for the individual to be motivated to complete the task. Setting the goal is the first step to the theory, the second step is goal striving; this is the day to day effort that an individual puts in to acheive that short or long term goal (Mills, 2016). Striving to complete the goal shows how committed they are towards the goal and to ensure that they continue to strive and commit regular feedback is necessary, this can be done by setting up regular meeting times or having an open door policy, where they come to you if they have any questions (Mills, 2016). The goal setting theory will be applied to JBO Architects LLP, by ensuring that goals are specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and time bound. I believe that employee’s motivation will…

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