What Is An Active Listening Skills Essay

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Essay on analyzing active listening skills Introduction Active listening is listening with a purpose. It is more than just hearing which the act of perceiving sound is. When you hear a sound or noise, you are receiving aural stimuli. Listening goes beyond just registering that there is a sound in the environment. It involves receiving and interpreting the aural stimuli, and creating meaning from the sound. According to (Mind tools, 2017)Using active listening skills can help to minimize or avoid unnecessary conflict. It can bring clarity and understanding to conversations and interactions with other people. To work, the listener focuses on the words and the feelings of the speaker for understanding. Active listening happens when the listener …show more content…

Besides providing more information than any other activity, listening builds deep, positive relationships and tends to alter constructively the attitudes of the listener. Listening is a growth experience. These, then, are some of the worthwhile results we can expect from active listening. But how do we go about this kind of listening? How do we become active listeners? The first reaction of most people when they consider listening as a possible method for dealing with human beings is that listening cannot be sufficient in itself, Because it is passive, they feel, listening does not communicate anything to the speaker. Actually, nothing could be farther from the truth. According to (Robertson, 2005) by consistently listening to a speaker, you are conveying the idea that: “I’m interested in you as a person, and I think that what you feel is important. I respect your thoughts, and even if I don’t agree with them, I know that they are valid for you. I feel sure that you have a contribution to make. I’m not trying to change you or evaluate you. I just want to understand you. I think you’re worth listening to, and I want you to know that I’m the kind of a person you can talk …show more content…

A broader awareness of the importance of effective listening is another weapon in your arsenal as a public speaker. At the same time, building up your own effective listening skills can enhance your academic, professional, and personal success. Being heard is one thing, but speakers need listeners to complete the communication loop. Reap the rewards: Instead of saying “I hear you,” try out “I’m listening.” References Doyle, A. (2017, March 10). The Balance. Retrieved from Free Management . (2017). Retrieved from G. W Noesner & M Webster. (1997). Crisis intervention: Using active listening skills in negotiations. FBI L. Enforcement Bull. Hutchby, I. (2005). "" Active listening": Formulations and the elicitation of feelings-talk in child counselling." Research on Language and Social Interaction . Mind tools. (2017, July 12). Retrieved from Robertson, K. (2005). Active listening: more than just paying attention. Australian family

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