The Great Philosopher

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Elveera Bowman
Mrs. Rose
Ap History
January 21, 2017
The Great Philosopher Plato
Plato is known as one of ancient Greece’s greatest philosophers. Plato was born in Athens, Greece during 428 BCE. Some people believe that Plato 's real name is Aristocles, if in fact this is true he would have received this name from his grandfather. Historians believed that Plato had two full brother, one sister, and one half brother. They are unsure if Plato was the eldest. They believe that he was since he inherited his grandfather 's name, and tradition was that the eldest son would be named after the grandfather. Plato’s father, Ariston, was a direct descendant from kings of Athens and Messina. His mother, Perictione, was a descendant of an athenian …show more content…

One of Plato 's greatest works was The Republic . The Republic was Plato’s defence of justice and what he thinks is the best form of government. The piece of writing brings up two questions that are still relevant today. The questions brought up by this piece of writing were ‘what is justice?’, and ‘what is the relation between justice and being happy?’. Some of Plato’s other pieces of writing include Meno. The Meno was written in an attempt to define what virtue was. Another one of Plato’s well known dialogue was Symposium. Plato wrote Symposium to show the purpose and nature of love. Plato wrote many more dialogues, that people still read to this day. Plato spent his final years of his life at the academy. Around 348 BCE Plato died in Athens. He was around eighty years old when he passed away. No one knows how exactly he passed away. Some people say he passed away peacefully in his sleep due to old age. Others say he died while attending a wedding.
Plato’s accomplishments still live on to this day through the idea of platonism. His ideas impact religion, science, government, and philosophy in today 's world. His philosophy along with the philosophy of Socrates and Aristotle helped form a basic idea of western philosophical traditions. Plato 's dialogues also affected life in today 's society. The Republic is a good example of the effect plato’s dialogues left, because it helped

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