The Growing Critiques of MBA Programs

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Recently critiques about MBA programs have increased in number. Many believe that management education focuses on learning of managerial skills that are needed in current ever changing business environment. Research conducted in the past suggested that individuals with a Master’s degree in Business Administration generally perform better in managerial positions than those who do not hold an MBA degree (Baruch & Peiperl, 2000). In a dissenting view however, the author noted that an MBA qualification does not adequately equip students with both soft and hard skills which are needed for effective management. In addition, Researchers argue that in management education, the soft skills are ignored and the hard skills are emphasized.
Empirical studies (Boyatzis & Renio, 1989) demonstrated that MBA programme has significant positive effect on graduates’ managerial competencies but they contend that did not appear effective in enhancing soft skills. In overall view, an assessment of how MBA graduates fared after attaining MBA degree, led (Sturges, Simpson, & Altman, 2003) to deduce that the graduates become more effective managers who display self confidence, people management and team working skills. In their study on the motivators of choosing a management course, Nyaribo, Prakash & Owino, (2012), concluded that MBA education should combine explicit knowledge of the basic disciplines with the tacit knowledge that comes from practice in order to provide MBA graduates with a

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