The Growing Need for Donations to Provide Video Games to Hospitals

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Since before even the 12th century, charities have been established for helping the needs of communities and people around the world. Charities have always been associated with gratitude, and sincerity from the depths of the human heart. Video games and the people who play them, on the other hand, have been distinguished as violent and terrible with no useful purpose in common life. However, multiple studies conducted by universities have shown that video games help people, whether emotionally or physically (Gallagher, 2013, Alternatively, they are also extremely useful in hospital treatments where children must get used to using repaired limbs after …show more content…

The bundle also sometimes packs audiobooks, music, and movies for those uninterested in video games, and also has a weekly sale separate from the main bundles, and a discounted indie game store in which 10% of profits go to charity.

Because the ideas of these charities and projects have amassed much popularity, it’s no shock they’ve become popular and raise an extreme amount of money for charity. Just in 2013 alone, Child’s Play, Extra Life, and Humble Bundle have raised millions collectively for various charities, but namely for children. According to their individual websites, Child’s Play raised $7.6 million, Extra Life raised $4 million, and Humble Bundle raised an estimated $8 million for charities and hospitals such as Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals, or “charity: water”. The donations received in 2013 beat many records set by the charities in the past, as Child’s Play raised $5 million back in 2012. 100% of profits received are also used or given specifically to or for the aforementioned causes, save for Child’s Play, which according to their FAQ section on their website, uncontrollably has administrative fees used for shipping and such; and Humble Bundle, which allows the buyer to control how the money is split between the developers/content authors, the charities, and the costs to host the website.

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