The Harmful Effects Of Antioxidants On Cancer

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When I read this question, the first thing that came to my mind is Dr. Muricio question in the class “why mutation is permanent?” The answer was because if it is not permanent why diseases are still exist on the earth. Last week, Dr. Khalid Elasid also asked us “is Thalidomide still available in the market and why”. I went through Google to find the answer and I did. These two questions have raised many curious questions in my mind, which are: are antioxidants still available in the market? If antioxidants aren’t good, why they are still exist on the earth? This doesn 't mean that antioxidants are good because cigarettes are still in the market too. Last week I was impressed by Silymarin antioxidant role in preventing and treating hepatocellular carcinoma by tens of mechanisms. Today I got chocked and confused by reading the harmful effects of antioxidants on cancers development. How come antioxidants were good last week and bad this week?

First of all, after reading many articles about antioxidants and their roles, I find it very hard to say who is wrong or who is right (bad or good). Antioxidants are known to be important for healthy life, skin care, immune system, heart problem and many other health issues. On the other hand, oxidants or free radicles are also important and play a role in intracellular killing of bacteria and also able to kill cancer cells. In my point of view, both antioxidants and free radicle are good (not evil) once they are working together in the
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