The Harmful Effects Of Medical Waste Essay

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The ozone layer is depleting, temperatures are rising, and animals are dying off. There are many problems striking the world today, and the amount of waste that is produced every day has an effect on everything listed above. When thinking about a large producer of waste, a hospital should immediately come to mind. Hospitals produce unimaginable amounts of waste, and the top producer within a hospital is operating rooms (NHPR). Landfills are become more scarce every day as they fill up with more and more waste. The environment is being effected tremendously from the excess amount of medical waste that is thrown out, and there has to be a change. To better understand the effects of medical waste, there must be a clear understanding of the types of waste that exist, how to properly decontaminate and dispose of this waste, and learn of ways that communities and organizations can effectively help reduce the amount of waste or limit the amount that is thrown away. Medical waste covers a wide variety of materials from latex gloves to disposable steel instruments. These items are often thrown away even when they have not been used but have been opened in a patient’s room opened (Operating Theater Journal). A lot of medical waste that is thrown away is perfectly useable, but outdated for certain hospitals based on advancement in procedures, or against infection-control protocols for the continued use of materials that have been opened in another patient’s room. For example, if a

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