The Harvest In A Spiritual Journey: Jane Goodall's "In The Forest Of Gombe"

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Religion and science are the two biggest forces to affect humans in a brief and truth. The end of science is beginning of the religion. Science is studying of material, which is researching the truth, and it must be partitioned to knowledge and theory. Religion is maintaining people's hearts. The purpose of religion is also studying the truth, but it more focus on the life and experience. Jane Goodall is the author of "In The Forest Of Gombe". In her article, looking for the definition of human beings and science and religion is not conflicting with each other; those are Jane Goodall's spiritual journey. Like many Christians, she also shakes faith in God when she faces to suffering and death. However, she…show more content…
The gap is only 1% between chimp and human genes, which means that Goodall finds the pure goodness of human nature in chimpanzees. In the observation of chimpanzees, the behaviors are similar to humans social behavior. Goodall refers "I heard sounds of greetings as Fifi and her family joined Melissa and hers" (147). Through this process, she finds many precious qualities of chimpanzees. Chimpanzee have a variety of postures and gestures to communicate with others. The core of this finding is that chimpanzees not only have family ambience, but also have a friendship. Such behaviors and thinkings are almost the same with human beings. However, people cannot only pay attention to chimp's resemblances. The most pressing problem is how humans and other creatures get along well. As Goodall asks "Were we going to go on destroying God's creation, fighting each other, hurting the other creatures of His planet" (Goodall 150). Chimpanzees and humans have common behaviors and minds, so medical research uses chimpanzees and other primates as experiments. Some scientists want to observe animals in the effectiveness of new drugs and toxicity who are closest to humans. Some are looking for the pathogenesis of some diseases or genes. No matter what kinds of animal experiments, which are completely, damaging the rest of life on earth. The animal experiment just satisfies such curiosity and longing
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