The Hazard of Bulglarly Essay

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The Hazard of Bulglarly The hazard of burglary has significant impacts on people and the environment in which they live, and these can be identified easily. Consequently this hazard can be prevented and/ or managed effectively. A hazard is an event that affects or threatens people or property. Burglary is a common, frequently occurring hazard. Burglary is the unauthorised entry into a building as a trespasser in order to steal. An offence of burglary is recorded by the police if a person enters any building as a trespasser with intent to commit an offence of theft, rape, GBH, or unlawful damage. Burglary does not …show more content…

According to the British Crime Survey (1998) 66% of males and 64% of females said they were angry about being burgled. This anger occurs because the individual is annoyed that someone has entered their property without consent and stolen their goods which they have worked hard to pay for. The second most common emotional reaction is shock 33% of males and 39% of females experienced shock after a burglary. Other common emotional effects are fear, this is fear that the burglars will return to steal the property that has been replaced by the insurance claim. The highest levels of fear occur in households where the owner is elderly or where there is a lack of security as some people do not have the income to be able to afford effective security measures. It has been proven that when elderly people are burgled in some cases it can even cause an early death due to the amount of shock and emotional upset. It was noticed that elderly victims became more nervous and twitchy after burglar and often became housebound and needed to spend more time with family. Difficulty sleeping and being upset are also effects of burglary. Overall burglary has many emotional effects that effect both men and women from all social classes. Burglary and its impacts mentioned above can be prevented or

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