Essay about The History and Culture behind Greek Cuisine

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Greek Cuisine”

There are many things that when combined, make up what we call the Greek cuisine. The mysterious Minoans were among the first residents in Greece and they arrived in 2700 B.C bringing along with them, domesticated grains, sheep, and goats. The Minoans adopted almonds, the nuts of the mastic bush, and the yellow pulses that were being refined by more ancient peoples already in Greece, while finding wild grapes. The wild grapes were used to make wine. The people of Greece also found a bitter berry which they began to cure and press which turned out to be an olive, with its liquid lucre and olive oil basically was their economic foundation of their civilization. The Greeks invented bread. They developed wine like no there did before, they refined fruit and nut trees, goats, sheep, cows, and they raised poultry like chickens and swans. They grew a lot of vegetables and greens. Fish became an important part of their diet, they enhanced dishes using oregano and sage and they invented games of strength and expertise for which victorious athletes won “trophy” which in modern and ancient Greek it means food.
The Greeks brought their culinary alterations to the provinces into which their culture grew and we now call: Italy, France, Spain, the Levant, North Africa, and India. In 146 B.C the Romans took over them. Romans made the thin phyllo pastry dough used to make Spanakopita and sweetened pies. Then the Ottoman conquerors brought in things like rice pilaf. In the…

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