The Holocaust : A Mass Murder Of Millions Of Jews

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When the United States heard about the holocaust taking place in Germany, they took action. The Holocaust in Germany was a mass murder of millions of jews that was ran by Adolph Hitler and his Nazi party. The United States is taking similar actions today against syrian refugees just like how they did with the germans running the concentration camps.

It was believed that Adolf Hitler (ruler of Germany at the time) and the Nazi party (supporters of Hitler) hated many people for many reasons. They hated jews because jews had most of the money,, most of the jobs, and had already established and owned most of the land in Germany. They hated handicapped people because they were believed to be “useless”, they hated Gypsies because Gypsies were believed to be thieves, they only hated homosexuals if a homosexual had any sort of a relationship with a German, and they hated Jehovah Witnesses becauses Jehovah’s were unwilling to accept the Nazi tradition. Anybody who was unwilling to accept Nazi traditions was sent to a concentration camp or exterminated.

The Nazi party started exterminating and placing jews and other people that the Nazi party disliked, in concentration camps on March 20, 1933. One of the first concentration camps that opened was Dachau. The concentration camp Dachau is located in Germany.
Ever since then, the Nazi party and Hitler started the world’s biggest massacre, the “Holocaust.” Around 11 million people were killed during the holocaust, 6 million were…
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