The Holocaust And The Holocaust

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In Ancient Greek terms, the word “Holocaust” is looked at as a religious sacrificial burning of an animal. Up until 1945, the word had picked up a new and terrifying meaning. In World War II, the Holocaust was a systematic, state-sponsored persecution, and was a mass murder of six million Jews by the Nazi army. In Germany, the Nazis that were in control believed any race that was not German was a nescience or a weaker less. Groups that were seen less by the Nazis were Gypsies, homosexuals, socialists, communist, the disabled, and the most targeted, Jews.
Any Jew that lived in a country occupied by Nazi Germany from 1933-1945 was either murdered, or lived a tough, scary, and unspeakable life. Jews were stripped from their homes and were sent to live in Nazi established ghettos to keep the Jews locked away from the non-Jewish communities. Life in the ghettos was unbearable. The Jews went through harsh conditions that included lack of water, lack of food, no heating during the winter, diseases, and lack of living space. Sooner or later, they were sent to a concentration camp where each individual was forced to work and possibly after, soon to die. Ghettos were primarily used to gather up the Jews and kill large mass amounts of them later on. Both living conditions from the ghettos to the camps were no easier than the other was.
Thousands died in the ghettos, several hundreds of thousands died in concentration camps, and the very few that managed to live another day to either

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