The Hr Director Of Citigroup

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I am the HR Director of Citigroup. As the HR Director I will use different employment law requirements to create methods and policies that support the promotion of a diverse workforce. I will select one job opportunity that I have held or with which I am familiar within the same organization for this scenario. During this process I will develop three recruitment methods for the job opportunity in question, suggest two ways that each method helps one to avoid discriminatory practices. Then an outline of an application process that details the organization’s method of accepting all applicants, as well as its method of validating applicants attainment of the required credentials (reviewing resumes, collecting transcripts, verifying certifications, etc.) for the job opportunity. Also a five step procedure for the HR Department to use in order to maintain all applicants records in case a discriminatory charge occurs. I will decide on three background checks that the HR Department must utilize, and justify the relevance of each background check for the job opportunity. Then three employment test (drug test, medical examinations, HIV test, generic tests, polygraphs, honesty tests, psychological tests, intelligence and skills tests, and physical fitness, etc.) will be chosen that the HR Department should use and we will justify the relevance of each selected employment test to the job requirements.
The HR Director will formulate a policy for making both the hiring and

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