The Human Experience

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Phillip Burgess Tiffany Mcafee 4-24-11 English 105 The Human Experience "The Human Experience" is a spellbinding, real and fascinating movie. This movie is one of the best documentary films of the 21st century. It totally touches on every feeling that a human can possibly feel. From the saddest to the happiness of total euphoria. This movie is a spiritual and uplifting masterpiece seen through many different eyes. It's explained and expressed by all walks of life everyone from clergy, the homeless, the rich, deceased, edcuated, and even from different origins and cultures of the world. "The Human Experience" is a truly magnificent experience. I would recommend this movie to anyone that wants togain knowledge of how…show more content…
What a reward to be blessed with. As I begin to talk about our next experience I must first say that this one is my favorite as it touches me on a personal level. It taught me that no matter how different we are on the outside we all still operatenthe same on the inside and the key ingrredient to being happy is love for yourself, family, and life. Moving along they find them- velfs in a lepard stricken village in Africa. They approached by both men and
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