The Human Genome Project

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Introduction to Literature February 8, 2013 THE Human Genome Project Today I will be defining the Human Genome project. This is a project to study, research, implement, and produce a DNA sequence of the Human Genome System. The human genome project is working to try and find a way to see what every gene in the human body actually does. They have already done a DNA sequence of human genes. They discovered the human body has more proteins than they first thought; now they have to see what each protein does. When they discover this it might be feasible to actually re-grow human body parts. I learned that one of the first groups to think of sequencing the human genome project was Los Alamos. Everyone thought it was an off the wall…show more content…
Hey I say if you haven’t done anything wrong you don’t have anything to worry about. We do need to have laws in place for the future so people can’t do bad things with DNA can’t use DNA wrongly, such as: abortion if they think a child will have a disease and abort it with out even giving the child a second thought. I don’t think they should use the DNA to make their children taller or shorter, thinner or heavier, this should only be used to serve its purpose. They should have to go through the proper channels in order to even use any DNA. Our society is already becoming a high tech force to be reckoned with. The next generations should only advance forward the genetics future. Would like to see more testing done “take my case”, I wish there was some testing we could have done to fore see my daughters future before she was born. Our family would have been better prepared; our family would not have aborted her because, we believe children don’t ask to be put on this earth. They should have every chance to live a full happy life. Our family would have known and been better equipped to take care of her and handle the situation. It may be a decade or two, but in the future some parents may take their newborns home with a chip, a computer chip that has all your genome analyses already on it (Davies). I would like to take this time to ask if anyone has any questions up to this point. Yes there in the back, the gentleman with the green

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