The Human Memory Process Essay

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Memory is associated with the “thinking again” or “recalling to the mind” of something learned from past experience. Human memory is an important part of human existence, but it is rarely understandable. Memory is a “mental time travel” (Goldstein, 2011, p. 116). A memory can bring back the feeling about situation, event and experience that occurred long ago. Memory is used to remember fact, acquired new knowledge and how to use new knowledge or skill in day to day life (Goldstein, 2011). Sternberg (1999), defined memory as remembered the past experience to use the information in the future. Without a memory a person cannot operate in present or think in the future because it affect the ability to learn new knowledge. There are four major …show more content…

Researcher past finding stated that memory consolidation refers to the process of memory strengthen the resistance to interference during the encoding process (Walker, Brakefield, Hobson & Stickgold, 2003). The finding then renewed it as the processes of strengthening a memory trace after the first information is acquired. This process categorizes into two categories which part of the process of encoding or of storage, or it as a memory process in its own right (Mastin, 2010). Researchers divided consolidation into two specific processes, synaptic consolidation that happens in the first few hours after learning or encoding and system consolidation where hippocampus-dependent memories become independent of the hippocampus over a period of weeks to years. Research on neurological stated that the process of consolidation known as a phenomenon called long-term potentiation. Synapse increased the power in order to increase the total number of signal transferred between two neurons. Potentiation defined as the process by which synchronous firing of neurons makes those neurons more inclined to fire together in the future. Long-term potentiation is happens when the common group of neurons fires together so often and they become permanently sensitized to each other. Since new experiences gather together, the brain produces more connections and pathways, then re-wire connection and rearranging its organization (Mastin, 2010)
The third process of memory is

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