The Human Resource Management Procedures

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The International Academy
The University of Essex one of the UK’s leading academic institutions and has international reputation for high quality research and teaching. It has three faculties that bring schools, departments, centres and institutes. Faculty of humanities has eight schools, centres and departments; one of them is International Academy. International academy offers courses at pre-undergraduate, undergraduate and pre-masters levels. It bring together all the teaching services and programmes which have been developed for students who have a range of non-standard qualification, often from overseas but also from Europe and the UK or have not met entry requirements for a particular degree. This paper will discuss the organisational culture and structure, the human resource management procedures, the leadership styles and motivation techniques used within the department. First section will highlight the values, strategy, administration and academic structure. The next section will focus on the human resource management processes. The third part will explore the department’s type of leadership and motivation theory.
IA was created in 1980 and was called English language teaching centre. It was a small department that taught English language to international students. Then in 1998 ELTC moved away language and linguistic and made own centre. In 2007, ELTC became bigger and changed name to International Academy. IA offers a wide range of undergraduate and postgraduate…
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