The Hydroelectric Power Plant Performance

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Abstract—Hydropower energy is widely used throughout the world, it is provides about 10% of electricity in the United States, more than 99% in Norway, 75% in New Zealand and Malaysia uses hydropower for 11% of its electricity. That is the only renewable energy that is presented commercially practical on the large scale. The mathematic representation of the functions used to calculate the losses and the efficiency can be modified over time as the plant ages. Therefore, this paper presents the relationship between load (MW) and efficiency of each turbine and generator unit. It is applied using an optimization method available in Microsoft Excel 2010 software. This paper’s objective is to compare the theoretical performance curve and the calculated performance curve and also to discuss the hydroelectric power plant performance. Introduction Hydro power and also known as hydraulic power or water power is uses water to move the turbine in order to convert kinetic energy into electric energy [1]. Besides it is renewable another advantages of the hydroelectric power plant are its produces negligible amount of greenhouse gases, in the way of storing large amount of electricity, it is the least cost, and the electricity produced can be adjusted followed the demanded from the consumers. In Malaysia total capacity of hydro power plants is only around 8% from the total generation capacity. During the generation of electricity, usage of hydro power plant will increase due to
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