The Immune System: The Immune System

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Chloe-Madison Torres-Frank "Immune System" Homework The Thymus At this very moment, an army is attacking you. You are fighting this war without lifting a finger. You are asleep. Eating. Talking. Breathing. Anything you do, you are fighting an army. It's called Influenza. Or pneumonia. Maybe it's bronchitis. Or maybe, gastroenteritis is putting all of its power together and planning a sneak attack. But don't worry. You have an army, too. It's called your Immune System. And it may lose battles, the enemy may overcome you, but your immune system will not go down without a fight. The immune system is a complex army... inside your body! Inside of…show more content…
Although the thymus is not always well known, it is a powerful part of our body that is quite detailed. With two lobes each surrounded by fibrous capsule, the thymus holds new T cells from the red blood cells in the thymus's cortex. Only some are selected to go to the medulla, and will soon be released into your bloodstream so they may patrol your body and look for foreign cells to attack so you can stay healthy. Due to its assissting role in the endocrine system, the thymus enlarges in size during childhood. It eventually begins to shrink during puberty and adulthood, and is replaced by adipose tissue, loose connective tissue made mostly of apidocytes, or fat cells. It doesn't impact the immune system though, because by the time humans reach adulthood, their immune systems are fully developed as well as the rest of their bodies. The T cells from the thymus's hard work throughout childhood and puberty are still strong, and new ones are not necessary to the body after

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