The Impact Of Computer Technology On Students

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We are living in the age of computers technology. In the recent decade, these machines became a very popular and an important part of the human’s life; as a result, today we are surrounded by computers everywhere. We have computers at homes, educational institutions, offices, hospitals, banks, supermarkets and so on. However, we cannot deny this fact that computers are given great importance in the education sector and students are the key part of it.
Different studies have revealed (Study link is given below) that computers have many advantages on numerous significant areas of a student’s life, for example, in the field of education, entertainment purposes and building social relationships. However, students can have serious Educational, Physical, social and psychological disadvantages from prolonged computer use. This essay provides an overview of the impacts of computer technology on students.
Today computer is an essential tool for students in the educational sector. It can store huge amount of data at one place so students can save notes assignments and books in it. It reduces the amount of the books students need to carry physically because many online stores like Amazon sell the soft copy of academic books which is always cheaper and no shipping is required for that. There are several software programs available to help student enhance their learning skills, for example, improving vocabulary, writing skills, including grammar as well as spelling check, getting easy
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