The Impact Of E-Commerce

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2. Introduction
2.1. Background
The widespread application of internet and prevalence of globalization give rise to various influential trends in business context, one of which is e-Commerce. According to (Browne et al., 2004), e-Commerce refers to a commercial platform that allow transactions to happen via electronic devices and digital environment that requires no face-to-face or human interaction as opposed to traditional mode of purchase. E-Commerce is revolutionizing the landscape of modern business environment by offering a convenient, rapid, borderless and timely mechanism for commercial transactions. Moreover, e-Commerce provides an alternative to traditional value chain in which manufactured products need to move through multiple layer of distribution to reach the end-users. In other words, via electronic platforms, suppliers can now access their end customers directly via web-based ordering system without the needs for wholesalers …show more content…

With customers health consciousness improves over the last decades, sporting goods such as footwear, apparel and equipment for exercising and sports events is becoming more popular (Reportlinker, 2015). In fact, customer’s satisfaction with a sporting goods product may not relies solely on the product quality and functionality, but on the experience with the purchase-related services (Openbravo, 2016). e-Commerce retailing presents its most impact in the field of e-fulfilment, a term referring to the integration of physical outbound logistics management and web-based interaction with customers during the order placement, package tracking and return processing (Lummus & Vokurka, 2002). In other words, successful management of e-fulfilment transcends the traditional product-focused mindset to embrace the vital importance of service quality and experience offered for

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