The Impact Of E Waste And Potential Solutions

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The Impact of E-waste and Potential Solutions: An overview
Jianyang Zhang
Project 4 W credit
Environmental Science and Resource Management 100
University of Washington Introduction
Electronic waste (or E-waste) describes discarded electrical or electronic equipment (EEE), such as computers, Televisions, and cell phones. For the past decades, the global demands for electronic devices has increased exponentially while the life span for these equipment has been shortened sharply. Given the high demands but short life cycle for electronic devices, more and more product have been discarded without proper handling. These waste may contains toxic substance such as mercury and lead which can contaminate the environment and threaten human’s health. In addition, the physical design and component of electronic devices make them harder to recycle and recover useable materials from than other types of waste. Therefore, E-waste has become a great problem and risen growing concern worldwide.
This research paper will introduce and define the concept of E-waste, provide an analyses of some possible causes of electronic waste, outline the impact of electronic waste to both humans and the environment and provide a variety of strategies and techniques that can be made to reduce E-waste and properly collect, recycle and dispose electronic materials.
Definition of Electronic Waste
E-waste, short for electronic waste, is loosely used to describe a wide range of unwanted electronic or

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